Frontend Enthusiast

Hello. I'm Kerry, and Ifrontend development.


My coding journey began in 2019 when I started attending a 10 month coding boot camp called Bloc (now called Thinkful). I graduated in October and scored my first engineering job a month later. This was working for Skylla, a very small robotics startup (7 people) where I helped build UI's for robot navigation and mapping.


The start of the pandemic, and also the start of working from home. This was a game changer for me and the realization that I am more productive and happier working remotely.


In August, I got my current job working for Olo, an industry leader in providing online ordering experiences for restaurants. We work with 600+ brands and process on average 2 million orders per day.


I am working on a team of 3 frontend devs, where we build the UI for Olo's newest product, Olo Pay. This is an end-to-end payment solution, providing our brands with payment processing, reporting, and fraud prevention. I am currently building out onboarding solutions for our customers to sign onto Olo Pay. Most of our repos are very modern React apps, keeping me on top of the latest advancements. I am also no stranger to working in more mature codebases, as I am frequently helping out in some of Olo's oldest Ember apps built 10+ years ago.

The more I work in React, the more I love it. And I am here to stay in the frontend world. I love the challenges it brings and seeing my work come to life.

My biggest passion is traveling. I've traveled across the US and to 10 countries so far, and the travel bucket list grows each day! I live with my husband, 2 guinea pigs, 2 chinchillas, and the most adorable Burmese cat you could ever meet 😻.

Please feel free to check out my resume!

My all-time favorite tech

And some others

  • TypeScript
  • Jest
  • Playwright
  • TeamCity
  • Ember
  • Tailwind